Racing Services

As a chassis engineer and engine development company Steve Dinan has won 11 championships and 2 – 24 hours of Daytona. We are the most experienced company in the bay area when it comes to getting your car track-ready or to run your professional race. CARBAHN Autoworks didn’t forget about racing enthusiasts; we just had to give you guys your own section.

We have a broad range of expertise in Racing and Track Day cars. Experience in building race cars since 1979.

We had a contract with BMW motorsport developing and supporting racing engines for North American racing series

Experience Since 1979

  • Chassis development
  • Fabrication capabilities
  • Suspension set up capabilities
  • Engine overhauls
  • Engine development
  • Engine management systems
    • Bosch
    • Motec
    • EFI

We have won 11 championships, 2 – 24 hours of Daytona

Classes we have developed race cars or engines for:

  • SCCA GT-2
  • SCCA GT-3
  • SCCA World Challenge
  • NASA Endurance series
  • Formula Continental
  • Formula Atlantic
  • GT 3 Masters Series Germany
  • Australian / New Zealand GT series
  • Continental tire sports car series GS
  • Continental tire sports car series ST
  • Grand Am Daytona porotype
  • Grand Am GT
  • IMSA GT-3

We are the most experienced company in the Bay area.

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A few things happen when you step on the throttle of the 445-hp, Dinan-tuned BMW 1M. At first, nothing. For the first few milliseconds the car blinks and shuffles about a bit as if to ask, “You sure about this, pal?” Then it spits forth a devastating crackle and revs to redline so quickly and so ferociously that the driver barely has time to keep up or shift -- the rear end squirms and immediately gets whipped back into place as if the traction control was a Catholic school nun, its error light blinking on the dash like the lights at the Riviera. Wild cackling, this time from the driver, inevitably ensues. By then you're already five, seven bus lengths ahead, halfway down the dragstrip, flying up that on-ramp onto the 710 Freeway, whatever fulfills your personal performance metric...