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S55 Keyed Crank Hub Kit F80, F82, F83, F87 M3, M3CS, M4, M4CS, M2C, M4GTS



The keyed crank hub kit includes the Keyed hub, Crank bolt, Drill, drill fixture, and drill fixture bolt.  The gasket/hardware kit includes OE and OEM gaskets and hardware needed to perform the install and is available separately (+$330).  It does not include fluids or any additional service tools.


The original flawed design allows the timing gear to spin independently from the crank, especially when the motor is modified.  Best case scenario the motor needs to be re-timed with new components.  Worst case, the valves contact the pistons requiring a complete overhaul.   Common symptoms are rough running and camshaft angle deviation faults.  We had this issue several times on our shop F80 M3, one of which required valve replacement.  At that point we had this solution machined, and we installed it in our car and a few other test cars last year.  We went from a failure at each event to setting new records at the track and on the dyno.  We have now achieved a best 1/4 mile time of 9.35@151mph, and we just recently made 899whp/805tq on our Dynojet on E85 fuel.  We have two other cars that have made over 1150whp.

Estimated Installation Time: 18 hours


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