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Mercedes-Benz C205 W205 C63, C63S Stage 1 Turbocharger Upgrade by Pure Turbos


Enhance the performance of your W205 C63, C63S with the Pure Turbos stage 1 turbocharger upgrade.



CarBahn Autoworks is excited to present the Pure Turbos stage 1 turbocharger upgrade system for the W205 C63, C63S. Pure Turbos represents a premier name in the turbocharger market at a great price point.

Pure Stage turbochargers are rebuilt with a larger compressor wheel. The turbo upgrade makes the turbocharger more efficient at higher volumes. This reduces charge air temperature at high RPM. The reduction in temperature means we can run more boost safely.

When paired with the CarBahn Stage 2 engine software, the end result is a car that not only delivers  a massive amount of performance and power, but does so in a predictable way that enhances the driving experience without breaking the drivetrain.

Features and benefits of the Pure Turbos Stage 1 turbocharger upgrade:

-Custom Billet Compressor Wheels

-Turbine Modifications

-Custom Internals

-CNC Machined

-VSR Balanced


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