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Front Camber Adjuster Assembly W205 C63/C63S


Excessive edge tire wear is a thing of the past with the CarBahn Autoworks Camber Adjuster Assembly.



In response to the excessive shoulder tire wear that plagues many W205 owners, CarBahn Autoworks has developed a solution that without the undesirable squeaking and groaning noises that plague the products on the market today.

Our competitors’ solutions utilize urethane bushings which over time become excessively loud and wear out quickly during normal travel of the suspension. CarBahn Autoworks solves this problem by virtue of sealed precision ball joints inside machined aluminum housings, which are pressed into OEM control arms. The ball joints are shielded from the elements and premature wear by the integrated dust boots. The ball joints also provide the added benefit of eliminating the deflection that is inherent in the factory rubber bushings, improving steering responsiveness.

The CarBahn Autoworks camber arms provide up to 1.0 degree of adjustment range – minimum -1.7 degrees, and maximum of -2.7 degrees.

*Note – Caster changes camber by 0.4 degrees.




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New/Customer Arms

I will do the install in-house (at the shop) and use my existing stock arms, I will use new stock arms


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