D900-30TMC – Stage 3 Performance Engine Software/Boost Upgrade for BMW 1M E82

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Note: The Dinan™ High Capacity Oil Cooler and High Performance Intercooler is required for Stage 3.

Get the most out of your performance upgrades by receiving an additional 10 horsepower and 12 lb-ft of torque over stage 2 from the combination of the Dinan performance software, intake, exhaust, oil cooler and intercooler.

Additional Information

Power: Being only 1 lb-ft and 14 hp short of a stock M3 in a package that costs less to buy, fill with gas and insure it is the perfect weekday commuter and weekend canyon carver.

Top Speed Governor Removed: Dinan’s software removes the top speed governor so your BMW will be capable of achieving its true natural top speed.

All BMW Engine Safeguards Retained: BMW worked hard to build systems to protect the engine incase of a failure, Dinan keeps all of these systems in place for the safest possible tune.

Dinan Intercooler Required: Stage 3 Performance Software is specifically built to take full advantage of The Dinan High Performance Intercooler with 93% more volume than stock all while reducing back pressure by 0.7 PSI.

Installation: Easy installation in about an hour at any of the 130 Dinan Dealers. See “Authorized Dealers” tab to find your nearest dealer or contact Dinan to make an appointment.

Required Products: In order to qualify for Dinan’s matching new car warranty coverage, which includes consequential damages, the vehicle must be equipped with The Dinan High Capacity Oil Cooler and High Performance Intercooler.

Shift Points: Dinan recommends up shifting at 6100 rpm as it is just above peak horsepower. After the up shift the RPMs drop into the range of peak torque. This is the “sweet spot” as it keeps the engine constantly moving from peak torque to peak horsepower and back again.

Break-in: Dinan Performance Software can be installed at any time over a vehicles life. If it is installed by the dealer at delivery Dinan suggests to strictly adhere to the BMW break in procedure.

Performance Software Stages and Upgrades: Any stage can be installed at any time and, if upgrading, just pay the price difference between the stage you currently have and the stage you are upgrading to.

Max HP Gain 66 @ 4300
Max Torque Gain 85 @ 4000
Peak Horsepower 398 @ 5600
Peak Torque 429 @ 4300
Peak HP Gain 39 @ 5600
Peak Torque Gain 81 @ 4300
BMW Factory Rated HP 335 @ 5800
BMW Factory Rated Torque 332 @ 1500
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