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The program:

CarBahn Concept Cars are being tested on a race track prior to development and then retested afterwards to quantify the results. Every high end, high-performance car regardless of brand is evaluated for what its best intended use is and then it is placed into Category 1 or 2. After its category is selected, a model list is chosen. We are starting with BMW M cars, Mercedes AMG, Porsche Audi S, RS models.

Two types of cars:

Category 1 – High performance street cars that are track worthy

Models: GT, GTS, GTC

Category 2 – Track cars that can be driven on the street

Models: GTS, GTC, GTR

Category 1 cars will have softer suspension and a more street orientated aero package.

This is a refined street car typical of the products Steve Dinan would have produced when he owned Dinan.

Category 2 cars will have stiffer suspension and a race track orientated aero package and brakes.

This is a track car that could be still be driven on the street but definitely has a track oriented suspension tires and brakes.

The M4 GTS and F90 M5 at the race track for testing.


We have been doing development on the F90 M5.

Vehicle Category: Category 1

Overall analysis of the car:

Very good sports sedan. Competent on both the street and the track. It is a car capable of doing it all.

The engine:

Great engine; very good power. Like all modern turbo engines, it is lacking in high rpm power because the turbochargers are very small to minimize lag. The engine has connecting rod bearing problems when making a dramatic increase in torque.


Very good shifting gearbox. Great street car gearbox and pretty good on the track as well.

The chassis:

Great suspension with the electronic shocks, it has the ability to be both a good street car in the soft setting and a great track suspension in the stiff setting. The best I have ever seen. The car has excellent traction because of the AWD. All cars that produce more than 500lb/ft torque should have AWD!


The biggest problem with the car is it needs bigger wheels and tires to handle the extra power and weight. If you turn up the high RPM power, the engine will suffer from durability issues. The engine, turbochargers, and software will be our biggest focus. In addition, we will focus on getting as much tire under the car as possible to handle the enormous power this engine will produce.

Steve Dinan

Written by David Kim

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