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You know when you purchase a BMW you are investing in a luxury vehicle. However, did you know you could enhance your BMW’s performance by bringing your vehicle into CARBAHN Autoworks in San Jose, CA. At CARBAHN Autoworks our BMW specialists have extensive knowledge when it comes to fine tuning high-performance vehicles. With over 40 years of experience maintaining, modifying and servicing BMWs, we have perfected upgrading BMW performance via enhanced parts and fine-tuning. We have the ability to bring out the true power of a BMW. No matter the year, make, or model our highly trained technicians will turn your vehicle into an automotive marvel. Once you experience the difference from CARBAHN Autoworks you will never take your car to the dealership again.

Standing Out Above The Rest

Our Founder Steve Dinan has been in the German car repair and performance business since 1977! Our reputation for quality and knowledge is unmatched. Steve started as a BMW technician in 1977 and in 1979 he started his first BMW repair shop in Mountain View, CA. So, whether you are on road trip or driving to work on a daily commute, we will make sure your car is reliable and driving at peak performance. Our BMW specialists are knowledgeable, qualified and the best in the business. We are fair, honest and provide top-notch customer service. You will never receive the level of service CARBAHN Autoworks can give you at your dealership. We take the time to understand the driver and their needs. Therefore, when great auto repair is what you want, we will deliver in spades, every time.

Personal Customer Service

At CARBAHN Autoworks our general manager and their assistants deal directly with our customers. Our technicians create a recommended list based on their extensive experience, and they help guide you through what repairs your car needs in order of importance. Our BMW specialist follow factory maintenance plans and have the best training and tools in the industry. We will preserve your BMW’s performance and help retain its value. Proper maintenance is the key to protect your vehicle’s performance and extending the life of your engine. Stop by anytime and one of our specialist will be happy to help you. Call or schedule your schedule service online today for the best BMW performance enhancements, maintenance, and repair services available in the South Bay area at our San Jose location. Schedule your BMW service online or over the phone today at our San Jose, CA location!

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“It’s hard to believe, CARBAHN Autoworks has been taking care of my BMW’s for OVER 30 years! My BMW’s have enjoyed excellent service all these years and it’s been satisfying to watch your business grow and expand into a brand recognized around the world. My first BMW was a 1972 2002 which I drove for 32 years and sold to a collector… Part of its value was that Dinan had serviced that car! And now, my 2004 330i still looks and drives like new – thanks to your fine service people in Campbell! Best wished for another successful year!”