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When it comes to high-performance upgrades for your BMW, CARBAHN Autoworks is the place to go. The Dinan name is synonymous with high performance and we have a long history in racing. Steve Dinan, founder of Dinan Cars and owner of CARBAHN Autoworks built the largest BMW aftermarket company in the US. As a chassis engineer or engine development company Steve Dinan has won 13 championships, 2 – 24 hrs of Daytona So, needless to say, if you are looking to improve your vehicle using high-performance parts CARBAHN Autoworks is the only place in the Bay Area to go to.

All the work we do is emissions legal, even after it’s modified. We match your factory warranty so you can enjoy your car with peace of mind. Of course, the drivability is unmatched and far superb compared to anything else you’ll experience. So, don’t delay and call us today to get started on upgrading your BMW’s Performance.

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