Too Much Torque 2

My last post was on the performance issues you might run into when your car is creating too much torque. The issues don’t end on the racetrack though, they continue in the shop. Increasing torque heightens the likelihood of mechanical problems throughout the car. Torque increases wear and can eventually break both the engine and

Too Much Torque

I was recently looking at the specs on the new Porsche GT2 RS. Really cool car. 700hp and 500 lb/ft torque. It reminded me of a tech tip Tuesday video I made when I owned Dinan about why more torque is not always better. (link to video) You see, more torque does not always make

Deferred Maintenance

Having been in the car repair business for 39 years it still surprises me how many customers defer important repairs that will cost them many times more down the road. For example, water hoses dry out and fatigue over time and have a usable life of around 8 years or 80,000 miles. Changing a set

Comparing the Cost of a New and Used Car

When customers bring out-of-warranty cars in and get a large estimate for repair, they often talk about selling instead of paying to fix the problem. That first out of pocket bill can be a shock. But while repair costs are not always as predictable as a car payment, they are usually 66% to 75% less