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Next Level BMW & Mercedes Service–CarBahn Autoworks

With our experience and advanced diagnostic equipment, we can find out what’s wrong with your BMW and Mercedes quickly and efficiently. We are called in for second and third opinions all the time because we’re considered the experts. General repair shops will diagnose a BMW or Mercedes the same way they diagnose any vehicle in their garage. CarBahn Autoworks is a team of BMW and Mercedes specialists that give your vehicle the attention it deserves. Our highly-skilled mechanics using state-of-the-art technologies leave no room for error. Quality auto repair service for your luxury vehicle should never be a guessing game. Our customers know that we can be trusted, and that we’re considered the best shop to bring their BMW or Mercedes to. We don’t just do great work cars, but we’re also educators. We run our own training specialist program, teaching local area technicians the proper service luxury vehicles. Because we know BMWs and Mercedes inside and out, we’re even called on to fly around the country to teach other repair shops.

Come Meet the Experts!

If you love your luxury car then it only makes sense that CarBahn Autoworks is your choice of repair shop. We treat BMWs and Mercedes better than any other facility in this area because we know them better. Steve Dinan is known to be the guru for BMW performance and aftermarket parts and he brings that same level of genius to auto repair and diagnostics as well. Our crew has extensive knowledge and expertise from spending years under the hood, behind the wheel, and in the classroom getting training and teaching others. Whenever you come to see our specialists, you’ll know instantly that your vehicle will be in great hands with CarBahn Autoworks. We’re also a Bay Area Green Business and we recycle everything to help protect our environment.

The History of How We Got Started

CarBahn Autoworks is led by Steve Dinan, a luxury car enthusiast just like you. His vast experience with high-powered BMW performance is more than just a hobby. He even took his BMW expertise to the race track, where he gained firsthand knowledge about maximizing your BMW’s potential. From behind the wheel of a BMW, he’s gained a more in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to maximize their performance and potential. CarBahn Autoworks reputation for unmatched technical knowledge and attention to detail builds from a lifetime in the auto service industry. In fact, it’s our exceptional service, state-of-the-art diagnostic technology, and competitive pricing that make CarBahn Autoworks the premier alternative to dealer service for complete BMW and Mercedes repair. As an automotive and race engineer Steve’s passion for these superior vehicles translates into a deep understanding of, and intense commitment to how they perform. In 1979, he started the largest company in North America dedicated to BMW high performance (Dinan Engineering). He was acting CEO and Technical Director for 36 years. Dinan secured a contract with BMWNA in 1997 and is the only company that has approval to sell their product out of BMW dealers. Sixteen years as a racing driver retiring from driving in 1996. A racing chassis engineer for 10 years. A racing engine supplier for 10 years. Steve Dinan has won 11 championships including two 24 hours of Daytona!


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